This is another quality ping pong paddle from Stiga that can be used for tournament play. It has a regulation inverted surface, the famous Stiga drive rubber, and the handle is anotomic and hollow with the blade being 5-ply and the sponge 1.5mm.

Speed: 14
Spin: 16
Control: 16

This ping pong paddel retails for $38.88 but you can find the best price here for the Stiga Masters


vghealth said...

I am currently playing with a Stiga Hypertech blade and I use Stiga Mendo MP Max rubbers on both sides. However, I find that the ball does not have much spin in it after I hit it. Could you tell me the reason for this?

Evan said...

This is because the blade is really bad!
Spin is bad.
Try buying paddles from

Evan said...

I forgot vghealth I recommend the pre assembled loopsonic transformer.

Howard Hinton said...

Impressive info!

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