The Launch XT is one of the better ping pong paddles from Killerspin that provides great power and spin. This ping pong paddle is a tournament level paddle for top end competition. The Killerspin Launch XT retails for $44.95 but you can get it cheaper here - where to buy a Killerspin Launch XT

Speed: 8.5
Spin: 8.5
Control: 7.5


This is a more advanced ping pong paddle from Killerspin. It is for intermediate players who use the penhold grip. The Killerspin Whirlwind is one of those ping pong paddles that provides higher spin and greater control. It retails for $39.95 but you can get it cheaper here - Killerspin Whirlwind

Speed: 5.5
Spin: 6.5
Control: 9.5


Killerspin Triumph Penhold Grip Ping Pong Paddles . This ping pong paddle will improve your form and it ways 1/2 a pound. It has a penhold grip and it is ideal for beginners to intermediate players. This is a Chinese penhold style table tennis racket with red inverted rubber on one side and the other side is painted black. This Killerspin Triumph ping pong paddles rated for moderate speed and great control. It is a perfect low cost pre-assembled ping pong paddle from Killerspin and is an excellent value for any serious player. The Killerspin Triumph retails for $34.99 but you can get it cheaper here - where to buy a Killerspin Triumph

Speed: 4.5
Spin: 5.0
Control: 10.0


Killerspin Lazer Shakehand Grip Ping Pong Paddles . This ping pong paddle will be great for beginners trying to improve their skills and finding more power and speed. The Killersping Lasar will give superior control and it is constructed of 5-ply wood and top end rubbers. The Killerspin Lazer is a shakehand grip ping pong paddle with a flared handle. The red and black rubbers are pips-in on both sides. This pre-assembled racket is an excellent value for any serious player. Killerspin Lazer Killerspin Lazer.

Speed: 7.0
Spin: 7.0
Control: 9.5


Killerspin ping pong paddles are a name brand you can trust. The Killerspin Centric gives you great control and is designed to give the beginner to intermediate player consistent play and control. The Killerspin Centric ping pong paddle retails for $24.99 but you can find it cheaper here - Killerspin Centric

Speed: 6.0
Spin: 6.5
Control: 9.0

Ping Pong Is A World Sport

Everyone knows that soccer is the most popular sport in the world but did you know that ping pong is number two? Most people know of ping pong from playing in their garage or basement with a couple of cheap ping pong paddles. Anyone can play that way and have fun and that is much of it's appeal.

However, sports scientists recognize table tennis as one of the most complex sports to learn because of the many variables involved in becoming a truly great player. The top players all must have the quickest of reflexes, great stamina, the ability to hit a wide variety of shots, and have unwavering concentration.

Ping Pong at the highest levels is a thinking man's game as much as it is a game of athleticism. Spin and speed become the weapons that determine who is the winner when a player starts playing tournaments. Deception is also an important part of the equation and works hand in hand with speed. Being able to disquise a shot as to its speed and spin is a skill that any improving player must learn. The ping pong paddles the top players use are all custom made for their particular strengths and they cost many hundreds of dollars.

At the very top level of table tennis, the players are extremely fit. They do various drills and practice at the table for most of the day. They are dedicated and besides weight training and stamina training, they do footwork and visualization drills designed to help them make those split second decisions that are necessary in this arena.

How To Choose The Right Ping Pong Paddle

Table tennis rackets, also known as ping pong paddles, are made of two elements: the blade and the rubber. The ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) was formed way back in 1926 to decide upon and set up the standardized rules of table tennis.

Every ping pong paddle must conform to certain specifications to be deemed legal. The paddle itself may be any shape, size or weight but the blade needs to be flat and firm. On the blade is the most important part of the paddle which is the rubber and foam covering. For table tennis tournament play, you need to have a paddle that is red on one side and black on the other. The rubber/foam covering can come in a large variety of textures and thicknesses which is why it can be overwhelming for a beginner or a recreational player to choose the right ping pong paddle.

Many professional table tennis players recomment that the best place to start is with an all around racket. A recreational player should concentrate on finding a ping pong paddle that has a grip that is comfortable for them. Without a grip that feels natural and comfortable, the player will most likely never be able to advance in the sport. Only after you become more familiar with ping pong and your abilities should you investigate into changing to a more specialized paddle.

All of the major brands Butterfly, Killerspin, Stiga, and Double Happiness have all round ping pong paddles that are great for beginner and recreational players. Choosing one of these paddles should be relatively easy. You can go to places like Argos Catalogue to find both paddles and table. You should find out whether you like the pen grip or the shakehand grip and then choose a paddle that is in your price range. Any paddle from one of these major brands will be a good paddle and able to get your game up to the next level.